Classico Negroni

The elegant glassware and signature bottled Classico Negroni are now available to buy and enjoy at home. Perfect for cocktail lovers or those looking to toast the festive season and create an aperitivo moment.

Created by the Drink Factory the crafted bottled Classico is an aged negroni, batched at sipping strength and designed to be served chilled, straight from the bottle - providing the highest quality bartender drink in the comfort of your own home. The bottle features a unique, hand drawn and decorative design by London-based tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta, making it the perfect dinner party centrepiece. The Classico Negroni is made from a traditional blend of gin, vermouth and Italian bitters, resulting in a superbly smooth classic negroni drink with a hint of fruit, citrus and botanicals.

The dainty Negroni glasses are handmade and the perfect size for serving the bottled Negroni without ice. Unlike normal Negroni serves, this prevents the cocktail from becoming diluted and watery whilst drinking - allowing every last drop to be savoured.

Classico Negroni is currently available at the following locations

Amathus - All Stores & Online 

The Drink Shop - Online 

69 Colebrooke Row 

Negroni Glasses - £7.50 - are currently available at the following locations

Bar Termini  

 69 Colebrooke Row 


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